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Replay and dry fire

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I was under the impression when using replay you can not get a dry hit. I have not let any of my SS316L coils get to that point. When I change the cotton and dry fire the mod I have always moved it from Replay to the Watt setting. Today I forgot to do that and sure enough the coil dry fired several times. I thought that wasn't able to happen. If using escribe myReplay setting shows watts on the bottom of the screen for coil material. Should I set this to SS316L? Or do I leave it as it came out of the box? Sorry if this has been already asked and answered. 

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Thank you very much. I had watched the video and noticed using Watt mode, but escribe gives the option to pick a coil material. At least I wasn't the only one who was confused. If the other coil options were not there it would make it clear. Thanks again. 

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