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Replay mode not working (May have the answer)

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just to let you know my findings , now i know replay has to have heat sensing material coils like stainless steel this also could be a mixture of coils so long as the coil is suitable for temp control , well its happened to me twice now using SS316L on a Steam Crave Aromamizer plus and a QP design Kali V2 RDA it seems to happen when the coil or deck is hot and you happen to cancel replay to change the wattage , i find replay will not engage again - i just left the mod/tank to cool down and then all of a sudden replay came back without any change to the menu or anything so i believe its something to do with heat from the deck or coil.

is this a bug or something nobody had found out , granted my other tanks do not do this but the ones i mentioned have done it in the past


thanks Paul

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another update , i think this is a big pointer , so i've recently got a new RDA that i've been having trouble with in replay mode as i've mentioned above well i'm going to add to it 

it seems if you pack the coil with to much cotton not enough for a dry hit but to much so the juice is not wicking properly and effectively replay will start to play up

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