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Escribe Settings for DNA Go For Flavour Chasers


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Hi All,

Just became a proud owner of an Orion 3 days ago. Primarily bought it as a device to use with Nic Salts (25-35 Range).  Have tried using both .25 and .5 pods with Nic Salts and the vape is fairly satisfactory and for me flavour is almost same for both the pods (could be the specific nic salt or the setting). Coming from a long history of being an RDA user, I am looking at more in the spectrum of flavour, cloud size for me is irrelevant.  I would appreciate if fellow members could pitch in the best settings (both MTL and DL) which in their opinion and usage is giving them the best flavour.  

Thanks In Advance...

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I am new the DNA, but I did have the Orion Q for a few weeks before I realized I needed the DNA chip. The Q fires at 17w continuous, so basically like setting your Go to 17w and hit replay. This is obviously super high, compared to the 'best' settings I've found, but what i can tell you, is damn did the Q have GREAT flavor, while the pod lasted, which was like 2 days. 

My suggestion, and take it for what it's worth, i don't want to try this, but trying bumping up your watts, I would probably leave the Boost to 0, and then maybe up your warmth from 0 to 2/3/4 and see what you like best. 

TL:DR - try more power, but don't expect great pod life

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Using .25 coils my settings are 

0 Boost/1 Warmth

I primarily use the 9 watt setting. This imo is the best setting for flavor/battery life. Lasts all day. With an avg puff length of 2.5 sec. usually 3 puffs back to back with a few seconds in between each puff.

6 is super low and only used when i'm trying to get the most out of a near dead battery.

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