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  1. xCH13Fx

    About Orions that stop responding

    I had that happen to my device when i popped on a new pop. Couldn't get it to recognize, just purple flashes. Put the old pod on, took a rip, put new one on, and it started working. Hopefully just a fluke
  2. xCH13Fx

    About Orions that stop responding

    All that being said, I'm on day two on my new device, after coming from a Q, and WOW, this is so much better. I should have sprang for the few extra dollars to begin with and got this initially.
  3. I think all the settings are pretty intuitive, but what I don't understand is, how do i know if my device is using the MTL or DL settings? I wouldn't imagine it can know if i have airflow open or not, so how do I know exactly which settings are being used? Is there any difference between the two settings in reality? Meaning if I make the settings exactly the same for both, is there any advantage to using one over the other? I'm using the basic 'best' settings I found in here, 0 boost, 1 warmth, default watts. Another thing i noticed, under 'Mod' --> 'Atomizer' I noticed that the max resistance on DL and MTL seems to be correlated to the .25 and .5 pods respectively. Is this how it knows to use MTL vs DL? Meaning if i put a .25 pod, it'll use DL settings, If i put a .5 it'll use MTL? Lastly, anyone have better airflow experience with the third party drip tips? The airflow on this things is pretty weird. Thanks! Sean
  4. I am new the DNA, but I did have the Orion Q for a few weeks before I realized I needed the DNA chip. The Q fires at 17w continuous, so basically like setting your Go to 17w and hit replay. This is obviously super high, compared to the 'best' settings I've found, but what i can tell you, is damn did the Q have GREAT flavor, while the pod lasted, which was like 2 days. My suggestion, and take it for what it's worth, i don't want to try this, but trying bumping up your watts, I would probably leave the Boost to 0, and then maybe up your warmth from 0 to 2/3/4 and see what you like best. TL:DR - try more power, but don't expect great pod life
  5. xCH13Fx

    About Orions that stop responding

    I just grabbed a Lost Vape DNA Go device. I just wanna say, no this hasn't happened to me, BUT THIS IS NOT CUSTOMER SERVICE!! lol They should be sending you a brand new device overnight, then you ship back your defective unit, and they can resell or whatever they want to do with it. I don't care, but what I care about, is the extremely highly priced nicotine delivery paper weight that they produced. The customer shouldn't have to brunt the time on getting these devices fixed, thats the manufacturers fault and responsibility. Poo Poo on all of you saying 1 week without your device is great customer service. That's terrible customer service. Have a great day.