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Black/No Screen and Warranty Service


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I've 4DNA circuit with similar problem:

1x DNA75 Works but No Screen

1x DNA 250 With "Warranty Service" message and Screen Ok

1x DNA 250 with No Screen But Works

1x DNA 60 with No Screen but works

When i say "Works" i mean that with escribe i was able to set te power and vaporize.

I read a lot, and i have some electronics skill, i want to fix but the shipment cost from italy it's very high. (Even all circuit come from a branded box like vaporshark and lost vape)

So, i want to know a possible troubleshooting way, or a workaround!

In escribe, with a good screen connected in the board, i have a big value that increasing (in Monitoring Device with Debug Mode ON). 
With the board that show "Warranty Service" i see that this value it's 0!

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Screens aren't normally covered by warranty. You can get replacements from modmaker or stealthvape, both in the UK.

Vaporshark's - you'd need to contact as their cables are different.

1 hour ago, Capobuf said:

i have a big value that increasing

What value? Or post a full printscreen

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Here the full printscreen.


22 minuti fa, kingoffoxez ha scritto:

Just incase ,have you tried holding down the fire and down buttons at the same time for 5 seconds on all the mods with a screen that is not working?

Yep, stealth mode it's the first idea i had, but no luck...


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Il 18/2/2019 in 23:42 , Wayneo ha scritto:

@Capobuf Yup, the old screen disconnects value should be zero.

The ribbon cable was probably pinched by the fire button. You can put a bend in the new one's or ensure their placement isn't interfering.

The Ribbon cable was good, in fact i tryed to switch my Therion DNA250 (166W) screen into the Vaporshark DNA Board, and still no image on screen.

With the screen from Vaporshark, to my therion, the DNA it broke, and with microscope i see some liquid inside display, so i suppose goin' short the power and data line.

Can i have some electronics schematics for repair my four (!) DNA Circuit? I have all equiment for SMD resoldering.

At least some value for measure my board and localize the problem...

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@Capobuf So if I understand you correctly, with the working screen, can't you check all the mods? If the liquid is inside the screen wouldn't you just order new screens and maybe a spare or two. Shipping is very reasonable and only one way to you.

If the VS cable is non standard length, in the long past others had created an extension cable, or you should contact them. 

Either way, good luck and let us know how it works out. 

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