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EScribe no longer working on Mac

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Hi there,

My Mac updated this morning to High Sierra Version 10.13.6 and since then the EScribe software will no longer load. When i try to open it the icon just bounces in the dock for a few seconds and then disappears without opening anything

Any ideas on how this could be resolved please?



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 Hello Scott B, sounds like mac update changed or blocked something, rolling back the update if you can would probably work, but is a bad solution.  I would give it a few days and if no update are forthcoming raise a support ticket to ensure it gets in the queue.  Thanks for teaching me the basics

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Hi mate,

Unfortunately i cannot roll back an update on the Mac without completely installing a new OS...If i had a time machine backup then i may have been able to but sadly i don't have that set up

I have an old Windows laptop somewhere so will have to dig that out and see if i can run the software on that instead

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