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Are my settings correct


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hi piotom70

The Basic ground rule is: There is no "right" or "wrong" ... if YOU like the vape and you are enjoying your vaping experience, then it is OK.

You can "finetune" it to whatever you prefer... cool vape, warm vape,... Don't make the mistake and adapt to other peoples preferences because they tell you !

Good choice to use the steam engine BTW ;-)

On the coil page you also see a recomended Wattage. For MY taste looking at your coil I would like it a little bit warmer... round about 30 Watts instead of 20,

and the Temp would be in my case about 235°C. But as I said that would be my personal preference...

The is also the Q of what kind of liquid do you use... different flavours have different temperatures where they taste better or worse.

So for example you may vape fruits at a different temp than bakery liquids.

There is some good information about the temp ranges of different flavours on the web.

So, just go with it, tweak a little bit here and there, and if its worse then go back, if its better then go on ;-)

Hope I could help answering your Q !


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