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Warmth/Boost/Nic salt settings


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I totally do not understand what boost and warmth option is in escribe.I tried watching youtube videos about it but I am still confused. What is the purpose of these two functions and how does it affect the way I vape?   I bought a 35 mg and a 24mg nic salt. I prefer something which feels absolutely like a cigarette as I am trying to quit smoking cigarettes. What VG/PG should I usually use for .25 and .5 coils and does the VG/PG matters much between these two (.5 and .25 ) coils?  currently, i have six (.25) pods unused and using .5 right now as its already installed. Please help me out what setting I should set for 35 mg and 24 mg nic salt for .25 pod
Ps: I have uploaded my current settings for the MTL which I am using and still haven't tried out the .25 pod yet.
Thanks in advance to anyone who can help this newbie out


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Settings are upto you, personally i just use the medium setting, boost basically shortens your ramp up time if you are vaping at a low watt like 8 watts for example the moment you press the fire button it might fire at 13watts just for a second so you dont get a ridiculously slow long drag. Warmth (i believe) has to do with environmental factors like if you are hitting yours in 100f weather or in the snow how much warmth you would like it to create in that scenario from a complete unvaped point in time like after 20 minutes of not vaping it. I believe thats why you would mess with  your warmth. Personally where i live the temp is constant all year and its a setting i dont mess with

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Have the same issue as you @hotshot39. Burned also a lot of pods.

For me its the liquid as my custards do kill the coils faster but also the wicking. 
took out some of the cotton and do have to open the airflow at least to 40% to have a stable feeding.

For DL you could use warmth and boost but from my view not for MTL.

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I found that the power boost, and warmth setting that is factory set when you purchase the Orion is too much for the tiny coil, and small amount of cotton, which cause them to burn up fast. So I went into the Escribe program and reset the power boost settings to 0 across the board, and turned the warmth setting to 1. Ever since I changed the settings on my Orion I have gotten WAY better life outta my pods, both the .25ohm, and the .5ohm pods. Just a little tip to pass along, it really made a world of difference and saves a bit of money as well.. Hopefully this helps and you get the same results. Obviously it has allot to do with the juice your using and how much you vape. But I vape with my Orion allot and I found a big difference. 

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