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    Warmth/Boost/Nic salt settings

    Settings are upto you, personally i just use the medium setting, boost basically shortens your ramp up time if you are vaping at a low watt like 8 watts for example the moment you press the fire button it might fire at 13watts just for a second so you dont get a ridiculously slow long drag. Warmth (i believe) has to do with environmental factors like if you are hitting yours in 100f weather or in the snow how much warmth you would like it to create in that scenario from a complete unvaped point in time like after 20 minutes of not vaping it. I believe thats why you would mess with your warmth. Personally where i live the temp is constant all year and its a setting i dont mess with
  2. Hawaii808

    Orion questions! :/

    So on my orion i rock the .25 pods on medium settings went into escribe pretty much changed warmth and boost by 1 nothing major. Anyways i have wicking issues where either it will gurgle and barely vape, or it will be dry not burnt but i can taste a muted vape so i unscrew the cap to let bubbles come out of cotton area and its good for another few hits. Does everyone unscrew their pods after 5-10 hits? Lol also im using 50/50 salts or somtimes 70/30 vg/pg, and have had issues either way. Also, i get these weird times where i charge it to its fullest extent and i will take it off charger and get an incredibly weak hit. I dont think its the pod because hours later it will perform just fine. I chain vape 50mg and i notice every hiccup in performance. Can anyone help??? I would greatly appreciate it