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    Warmth/Boost/Nic salt settings

    I guess I wont ever buy the .5 coils anymore and stick with .25. I am planning to switch my juice brand to MR.Salt e which is definitely helpful to keep your pods long lasting .
  2. hotshot39

    Your settings for your Flavors MTL/DL

    change your boost to 0 for both mtl and dl also change your warmth to 1 for both . try it and lemme know
  3. hotshot39

    Warmth/Boost/Nic salt settings

    thankyou Hawaii808. Tell me about your experience with pods. I burnt my .5 in 2 days as I was experimenting but sadly I think I might have also burnt my .25 within a day. I use 24 mg and 35 mg nic salt with warmth 1 and boost 0.
  4. I totally do not understand what boost and warmth option is in escribe.I tried watching youtube videos about it but I am still confused. What is the purpose of these two functions and how does it affect the way I vape? I bought a 35 mg and a 24mg nic salt. I prefer something which feels absolutely like a cigarette as I am trying to quit smoking cigarettes. What VG/PG should I usually use for .25 and .5 coils and does the VG/PG matters much between these two (.5 and .25 ) coils? currently, i have six (.25) pods unused and using .5 right now as its already installed. Please help me out what setting I should set for 35 mg and 24 mg nic salt for .25 pod Ps: I have uploaded my current settings for the MTL which I am using and still haven't tried out the .25 pod yet. Thanks in advance to anyone who can help this newbie out