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Your settings for your Flavors MTL/DL


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curios to know your settings for your all day liquids. As i am still struggling with my settings. I am a custard, creme, vanilla fan. Yes these liquids will bring the coil/pod earlier to an end but i simply can't stay away from them.
Maybe we can bring up here a list for different liquids and so their best settings for the pods. I know flavour changes to every person but other could give it a try. Personally i do like a warmer vape.  Thanks!

Custard, creme, pudding, caramel, nuts, cakes
                      MTL 0.5                                    DL 0.25
Watt         10/11/12                                14/15/16
Boost       5/4/3                                         6/5/4
Warmth 10                                                10

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@hotshot39  thanks. 

i did reduce all to 0 and warmth to 1.  And try it now.

These pods are just nod made for MTL i think. As soon as i reduce the airflow (95% closed)  i do get wicking issues.

When i do open it to around 40 to 50 % it does work excellent. But MTL is something else i have to say.

The missing feeding does kill the pod of course faster.... 

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I use the 0.5 pods on my device but I do not know how to use the settings as all, I use the replay and I leave it on the lowest setting and its still the best pod system I have ever used. When I say I have tried all the pod system that is one of my vices but since getting the go I am in love but want to learn or if I should do anything to the settings I use the 50 mg lemon dinner lady. Thanks 

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