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    Quick Help settings changed

    When I reset the setting it says to the newer settings I prob updated it thanks for that file ill try it
  2. ARozay

    Quick Help settings changed

    Where do I go to do this, I have updated it before. I just want it like when it was out of the box now its like 5 profiles
  3. What’s up guys I have two dna go, the oldest one I sent in for warranty work on the charger port and now the wattage settings are different. One dna go has white blue and red and the other one has like 5 different color setting blue being the weakest which I want. Let me know if it’s possible To get it to go back to just the three colors thanks
  4. Whats up guys, been doing my research. I have bought so many pod devices and I am in love with my DNA GO. Problem is I do not know much about the settings. I have been trying to find videos on youtube and also reddit. Just so you know if this helps I use 50 mg Dinner Lady salt nic juice. I know MTL is mouth to lung. I do know even really get the understanding of both. If someone can help me put settings in that would help it run better. I love using replay on the normal lowest setting and seems fine. Thanks for any help
  5. ARozay

    Your settings for your Flavors MTL/DL

    I use the 0.5 pods on my device but I do not know how to use the settings as all, I use the replay and I leave it on the lowest setting and its still the best pod system I have ever used. When I say I have tried all the pod system that is one of my vices but since getting the go I am in love but want to learn or if I should do anything to the settings I use the 50 mg lemon dinner lady. Thanks
  6. ARozay

    freebase nicotine vs salt nicotine

    I used salt nic in tht .25 because the vape shop sold them to me by accident and it was a nightmare lol
  7. Are these pods going to be better for salt nic then 0.5 that I use on my go. I do not really know how to use the setting on the software. So I might buy a Q as well.