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I've just acquired a 250c. I've been using two DNA200s, a DNA75 and a DNA250 for the last few years in TC mode. 

I'm accustomed to having the live temperature displayed when I press the fire button. It's a great way to assess fairly quickly if the atomizer isn't making contact properly (juice on the plate, not screwed in fully, etc.) as you can blip the fire button and if you see a high temperature immediately, you know there is something wrong.

In theme designer, I simply cannot seem to get the temperature display to update live. I've tried everything (clicking the checkbox for update while firing is the obvious first step). I tried to put in a similar field for live ohms and get the same result - either the set maximum temperature displays (not updated live) or I get a field with an On or an Off statement in it (live ohms)

Does anyone know if it is possible to get a live temperature in the same way as with the DNA75/200/250?

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9 hours ago, Klipscher said:

If you go into theme designer and go to the screen the temperature is displayed on.  Click on  the temperature and you will see a option to update well firing. 

See my comment in the first post. I've done this already but it has no effect.

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Did you ever solve this problem? I never tried changing the temp to live update though, but that does sound like it is worth a shot to me. But I have to admit even without a live update, that puff curve for each puff is far more valuable to me. As I can see what the temperature was doing for each puff (and other things too).  😊

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