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    Live Temp on Display

    If you go into theme designer and go to the screen the temperature is displayed on. Click on the temperature and you will see a option to update well firing.
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    Version 3.2.6


    These files are for dry vape devices only. Make sure to use correct cold ohms for your Device All testing was done using a 19/22 stem basket style fine mesh screen. The RBT Splinters with the shorter stems and wider mesh may need to increase temperature or switch material for best results. For SplinterZ I suggest the 316L material file. If you need to go above the 445 degree mod safety cutoff in the DNAc you will need to increase maxs output temperature setting. Please load from file not as a theme. Custom profiles and tweaks to escribe settings have been made. A assortment of custom SS materials is also preloaded. Be sure to adjust with your mods resistance settings. If unsure use of the mod resistance use whats in these settings (0.004) DNA download is based off a Wismec Reuleaux DNA250 . Profiles for iheat, Splinter/ SplinterZ and Stempod dry atomizers. Along with custom settings to puff time etc. Included are a custom FC theme in the DNA download DNA Profiles contain the material cvs and setting. Load as a profile iheatDNA.ecigprofile SplinterDNA.ecigprofile SplinterZDNA.ecigprofile StempodDNA.ecigprofile DNAc based off a Lost Vape Paranormal DNA250c use with 2 battery mods The maxs output temperature is set to 445 in this file Maxs puff time 20 seconds These files have have profiles with custom setting for iheat, stempod, splinter/ splinterZ. Once you install these files you can change the themes with out lossing these settings. Open these files with escribe. Then use theme designer if you like to try other themes. Below are tested themes for DNAc mods Evolv Default Enhanced 250C.ecigtheme For use with iheat Splinter/Splinter Z and stempod. Should work in both DNA75c/250c. Please use DNAc DNAc Profiles contain the material cvs and setting. Load as a profile StempodDNAc.ecigprofile SplinterZDNAc.ecigprofile iheatDNAc.ecigprofile SplinterDNA.ecigprofile Triade based off of Lost Vape Triade DNAc use with 3 battery mods 2 test profiles added that are based on stem size Use the above Splinter DNAc profile if test files give you any issues. SplinterZ19:19stem.ecigprofile SplinterZ19:22stem.ecigprofile