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Check Battery Message with diagnostics file


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Does cell 1 look odd or does it drop like this when plugged in... shown here before, during and after 2 puffs taken. Paranormal 250c. New married VTC5D rewaps in prime condition. Changed my theme today to a current release of one I have been enjoying and the CHECK BATTERY message has prevented firing at least 8 times in as many hours. Fixes itself after one press of the fire button but seems abnormal. I recorded the diagnostic and even there the manner cell 1 & 2 are reading seems inconsistent to me. 





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On 10/13/2018 at 8:21 AM, Wayneo said:

Can you swap the battery position of those same batteries within that mod, and see if that sag follows the battery.

Printscreen afterwards appreciated.

Wayneo somehow a bit of liquid found its way onto the positive side of one battery landing at the deep end of the sled. A tip came to my rescue . I think that is what caused this issue. Just got your message, been very busy as we near the last 225 days of a 10 year project to spend time enjoying all escape offers. If you come across some CSV files for the SONY VTC5D rewraps by Vapecell, please let me know... thanks in advance. 

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