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Here's a weird one...


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Sometimes when I leave my vape without firing it for a while, say like an hour in the grocery store, I'll come back and try to use it and the fire button doesn't do anything. The mod is dead. Nothing works, multiple clicks of the fire button etc. But, if I plug it into a micro USB cable, it comes right back as if nothing happened. Unlocked already so I know it didn't actually turn off etc. Any idea what the heck that's about? 

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I have three 250c mods. One of the three, a Paranormal would do basically the same thing as you are describing. When it would go into deep sleep it would not come on unless the battery voltage was under 3.70v or plugging it into usb. Sometimes by pressing the four buttons randomly and then holding the fire button down for a few seconds it would come on.

There is a larger thread here " Wont come on from deep sleep " where several people are discussing this issue.

Myself, I fooled around with themes , firmware reloading, hard reboots etc until it was to late to exchange the mod with the vendor. So I started a ticket with Evolv. I sent the mod in and I think they replaced the board. It is in the return mail now. So I am not sure whether they replaced the board or did something in software to fix it. I'll get it back Monday so I will know then.


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