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Dna250c wont give me 11 Volts


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The DNA 250C is step-down, so if your device takes two battery cells, the output voltage cannot be higher than the battery voltage.

(Four cell devices have their battery voltage above 10V at all times while operating, and three cell devices generally do,  so you don't run into this. The benefit of the step-down configuration is drastically better efficiency and cleaner signal.)

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Something I dont get:

A 75c will give me 9 Volts (single Battery) at 1.08 Ohm which means 75Watt.

However: I cant get 9 Volts on 2 Series Batteries with a 250c. Cant get 75 Watts on 1.08 Ohm

Does the 250c have a travo in it like the 75c, cause I did understand so.

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