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Virus warning from Norton Internet Security

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I just Downloaded the escribe Software from the official Homepage and I got an Virus warning:

Dateiname: setupescribe2_sp15_1_us.exe
Name der Bedrohung: WS.Reputation.1Vollständiger Pfad: d:\vape mod\dna themes\setupescribe2_sp15_1_us.exe

Auf Computern ab 
27.05.2018 um 11:56:27
Zuletzt genutzt 
27.05.2018 um 11:58:28
Art der Bedrohung: Insight-Netzwerkbedrohung. Es bestehen mehrere Anzeichen, dass diese Datei nicht vertrauenswürdig und daher nicht sicher ist

setupescribe2_sp15_1_us.exe Name der Bedrohung: WS.Reputation.1

Wenige Benutzer
Weniger als 100 Benutzer in der Norton Community haben diese Datei verwendet.
Diese Datei wurde vor 16 Tagen  veröffentlicht.
Das Risiko dieser Datei ist mittel.


Quelle: Externer Datenträger
Datei: d:\vape mod\dna themes\ setupescribe2_sp15_1_us.exe entfernt

Dateiabdruck - SHA:
Dateiabdruck - MD5:
Sorry but the Report is in German.
I get the same warning also from the International Version.
Regards Mark,
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Erm no idea, stopped using anti-viruses a few years back since I rely on my own knowledge and skills to protect myself (not saying everyone should do that). In general, I have heard reports of Norton false positives quite often, the Evolv software is safe, just download it from the official mirror. I doubt that it hasn't been downloaded by at least a hundred people by now as @retird suggested, but who knows.

And very important -- always use the International version of Escribe. The US version comes with certain limitation built-in due to the FDA regulations (not sure which ones exactly, about to research on that, but you do lose the 400W preheat on the DNA250C for sure). And if you live in the US, no one can oblige you to download the US version and not the International version, and it is not wrong doing so.. There is no differences in the software otherwise and you will not exhibit any issues if you live in the US and use the International Version (on the contrary)

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