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What data fields are compatible with gauges?

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So I'm trying to make some custom gauges. but I can't figure out which data fields I can use. For instance, it doesn't seem like Puff Time can be used as a gauge (I can assume this is because there is no defined min and max value). But also Time (Minutes) cannot be used, neither can Ambient Temperature. I kind of wanted to make an animated logo that slowly changes color, so using a gauge seemed the best way to do it (tried using Minutes, but Seconds would be even better if it was available). But using a field like Atomizer Temp (which does work as a gauge) does not achieve the effect I'm looking for. 

Can anyone tell me which fields can be used as a gauge?

I do know Screen Brightness, Replay Warmth, and Atomizer temp all work, are there any others?

@James this would be a great feature to enable any field to have a gauge, and let the designer define custom min and max values since I'm assuming that's the main hurdle to allowing this. 

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