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Vapecige 250c no Replay


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I've just received my Vapecige 250c and when I go onto Replay there is no function to set wattage and get to the 'save puff' and 'playing' function.

I'm using a Crown 3 that works on my Paranormal 250c without any problems.

Any ideas?

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You are speaking a foreign language to me. I have no tech knowledge at all.

I was hoping it would work straight out the box like my Paranormal.

Do I need to download something onto my laptop then connect it to my mod?

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Can you check the Atty Settings for the Replay profile and see if the Replay box is checked?  

Also, without knowing the theme of the Vapecig I'm kinda shooting in the dark to help you... Maybe someone with that device can chime in and help....

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OK. now that you have EScribe can you post here the ecig file.... 

1. Connect device to usb...

2. Start Escribe

3. After the automatic downloading of your ecig file you can click on File/ Save As to save the file to the computer.

Post the saved file here by choosing "choose file" at the bottom of the post you are typing..

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I clicked on 'restore defaults' and it has wiped out the Vapecige coloured graphics. I now have the same blue graphics as the Paranormal.

I've now got the Replay screen, but 'check battery' keeps on flashing every time I press something!

I'm too old and non computer savvy for this stuff. I think i'll send it back as not fit for purpose.

Thanks for your help retird, but I just want something that works.

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