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How do you get a preview generated for your Color theme for the listing page?

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On this page, you can see that most themes have have photo next to the title that shows a preview of what their theme looks like. But for some reason some themes just have a blank camera icon, and no preview available. If you click on my actual theme page, you do get to see the generated preview, but it's not shown on the listing page (see attachment below - mine is on top). Anyone know how to resolve this, or is it done automatically? 




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Ok so I'm an idiot. Figured it out. For anyone else wondering, when you are creating or editing your theme's page, on the screen shots at the bottom you can select one of them as the "Primary screenshot." That'll do it. 

For anyone unaware, if you need to edit you theme's page, scroll down to the "File actions" menu towards the bottom of the page, and select "Edit details"

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