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Latest SP2 5.2 No Replay

Sara Turner

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4 hours ago, Sara Turner said:

I Restored Defaults from main page not specifically Theme Default. 

You need the default theme or another theme with Replay, any theme you had up until now would not have supported replay .


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23 hours ago, Sara Turner said:

Thanks. I appreciate your help. I’ll follow your instructions tomorrow. 

Just to make sure you get Replay try the instructions for getting to a known state regarding Replay.
Once it's working for you, then you can experiment with other themes.

Replay (International Edition only). To use Replay:
(1) Apply the Service Pack.
(2) Choose a profile to put Replay on. Check "Use Replay on this profile", and name it how you like. (For most people, the easiest way to use Replay is to choose a profile whose material is Watts.)
(3) Load on a theme with Replay support. (The default theme has Replay support. Go to the Theme tab and click Default Theme, and upload.)

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Glad you got it figured out.

I too am(was?) a TC only vaper. Until Replay. Then I was doing TC Replay and was told that while it works, Replay was meant for power mode.

So, I gave it a try. I'll likely never go back to TC as this gives me better flavor and most importantly, more enjoyment of vaping.

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