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N80 + SS Coils in Replay


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So I build/sell coils so I wanted to try a mixture of some n80 and SS316L in a Fralien coil.  I used

1x 28g n80

1x 28g SS316L 

3x .3x.1 n80

3x .3x.1 SS316L 

with 36g SS316L alien wrap. 

Now I assumed this was ok for Replay mode...  was my assumption correct?  If it is then I have another RDA that won’t register temp control coils into my mod.   Thanks in advance for any insight!

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1 hour ago, retird said:

Have you tried the coil mentioned on any other RDA's and did they Replay?  

Actually... I wanted to swap flavors (was testing a new DIY flavor) so I took the cotton out and went to dry burn a bit before I cleaned the rda and I noticed a few hot spots... I worked them out and then looked at the screen and it actually was going to let me replay... I guess the hot spot some how made the chip misread the coil material or something?  I didn’t wick it up yet but I’ll leep you updated and let you know what’s going on!  Thanks for the response!

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1 hour ago, ChunkyButt200 said:

In Escribe 


replay 250c.png


If that doesn't work the TCR of the coil (wire combos combined) may be to low. Or you have a mod/base resistance stability issue.

I actually had this same issue with my dead rabbit (S316L Fraliens) and tried switching on dubious coils and it didn’t work... someone mentioned that I might have to break the rabbit down and give it a good cleaning 

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