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Please help ,THERION BF DNA75C+Sony VTC6 annouce "too hot"


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Too hot error happened to my triade.

with the triade the 510 plate comes loose and allows juice to run to the board .

it might be short circuiting .


open the mod with the battery’s out and clean the whole dna board with an alcohol wipe . Or some rubbing  alcohol.

the temp sensors may be located at the back of the board so stuff the wipe in there and poke it out with something small and thin 

it’s important to use alcohol wipes as it dries quicker than normal water . 

Mid you can’t acess the back of the board then consider desoldering and cleaning then resolder .

this fixed mine - I was about to buy a new board or a new mod and now don’t have to .

id already tried reflashing .

hope this helps someone.



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my mirage randomly throws too hot, even after a couple of vapes, it I can guarantee you it isn't hot.

I can vape it on a 90deg day outside, and it wont throw the error, I can stand in my house, 2-3 puffs later and it throws the too hot error and wont stop for a while, all I can do is just set it down and come back in a bit, remove and read the battery, and vape again, it may not happen again for a day or more, even chain vaping, and it does get hot, and doesn't throw the code, then it will throw it again for no reason.

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