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510 Calibration Vt167

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Hello to everyone.I've been using a Vt167 for almost a year now and I am trying to tweak the settings, as I'm not getting what I expected.I mainly use it on TC and no matter what I do my cotton still gets black after a day or two.Also the vape is weak considering I vape on a .30 coil,ss316l spaced, at 55W,430F.I have set case thermals,battery capacity and internal resistance when I bought it.The internal resistance though I got it from a forum(0.007),so I'm not sure it's accurate.
What I wanted to ask as I don't have a calibration tool and the ones sold are too expensive (only taking into consideration the shipping fees,I live in Greece),I was wondering if I can make one soldering an atomizer's heat sink copper pin to the main body.Would that work,or I'm missing something?


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Thank you for your advices!I didn't get it to work because the solder doesnt stick on the inside probably because of the threads,but i'll keep trying.
Anyone have any idea why my coils and cotton get black on the first day?I ve run out of solutions.Even if i'm out by 0.002 it doesn't justify the gunking.Can it be the thermals?I think I wasn't dead accurate to the room temperature.Could it be that?

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