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Why does the help file thread I quoted the Title of have No updates and the zip file can not be opened for help.   I wish one of the active Mods would fix that if it has good help...


I'm looking for help on wire gauges and placement.  The downloaded guide lists Battery (silicon) 18 Gauge, Battery (PVC) 16 Gauge & Battery Tap (Silicon) 24 Gauge.


What EXACTLY are each of those things please? Output 12 Gauge is all I have installed so far and that's a huge wire for a little tap

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That goes back to before any of us were mods and is from the old forum, I don't think any of us really know what was intended.  I only see a single zip file for DNA 200 3D files that I can open, but I have unpinned the thread as it is so old.

These files now go on the product pages or in the Resources section.

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