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DNA250 without PCB buttons


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I have a Vapedroid by S-body with a defective daughter board.

S-body has mutilated the poor DNA board with terrible soldering, 2 daughter boards

and removing the up/down/power buttons. The fire and down button had a bridge.

I would like to know if the bridges are needed to use external buttons when removing the 

onboard buttons.

Chip has been cleaned and is ready to be built into a proper mod.






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If you look at the first pic, you can see the Fire and Down button bridges. The Up button wasn't bridged.

I'm only interested in the UP/Down/Fire buttons, not the Power/Battery bridges for 2S/3S configurations. Why does that effect the Up button?

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Let's see what your saying now .Long story short is the it's necessary to have the bridge where it was originally to complete that circuit 

If you remove the bridge you remove the ability to have your buttons.

Worst case you end up frying the board by removing the bridge 

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