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  1. can/would anyone 3d print inner paranormal 166 plastic.
  2. modestep tech

    DNA250 without PCB buttons

    ill say.most solid mod ive owned out of about 30. agreed that the paint is terrible. they should f ollow suit with seigeli and start annodizing. my seigeli 75tc looks brand new after 2 years except where it was dropped and no paint or coating would prevent damage.
  3. modestep tech

    DNA250 without PCB buttons

    No prob. you Happen to have any old paranormal 166 or 75 CS ?
  4. modestep tech

    DNA250 without PCB buttons

    Yes that is correct assuming that the only thing you're changing is going to external buttons versus Internal
  5. modestep tech

    DNA250 without PCB buttons

    Let's see what your saying now .Long story short is the it's necessary to have the bridge where it was originally to complete that circuit If you remove the bridge you remove the ability to have your buttons. Worst case you end up frying the board by removing the bridge
  6. modestep tech

    DNA250 without PCB buttons

    Only up button won't have a bridge because the power source is already bridge by the power source if that Makes any sense And all of this is considering that you're keeping the same battery setup that you had Before
  7. modestep tech

    DNA250 without PCB buttons

    Are you talking about the bridge is for the PCB buttons or the bridge for the power
  8. modestep tech

    DNA250 without PCB buttons

    You would still need the bridges
  9. i had A bettery Malfunction and im needing the inner plastic to paranormal 166 . if you are willing Please let me know the cost and shipping to the usa
  10. modestep tech

    need help CELL 1= 0 voltage. PARANORMAL DNA 250 mod

    after extensive research........ic balance charger chip. Its being sent in on RMA. *SOLVED
  11. DNA paranormal 250 mod. No voltage from Cell 1 So I cannot put in LI-ION battery mode. works fine in either usb power or power supply mode. there was nothing that provoked the occurance. it happened between puffs out of the blue.. thinking somehow the wiring to cell 1 is shorted?? any input/help appreciated thanks