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DNA75c mod calibration


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Hi, I was wondering is it possible to calibrate mod resistance for DNA75c using DNA200 calibration tool (you know, that threaded peace of copper)?

I tried it with Lost Vape Paranormal mod, but resulting resistance was 0.03. I think it is kind of high (default - 0.0081, recommended by other - 0.015). I used the same tool on Lost Vape Therion 167 and got - 0.005.

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I've actually took my Paranormal's 510 apart. Procedure literally took me like 10 minutes. Top part (the one atty screws in) was very loose. Cleaned the treads. Put everything together. Mod residence now - 0.005 (set to 0.00425 - 85% as recommended). Atty res. changed from 0.96 to 0.91.

Seems about right. That was quick :)

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