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Some things just work, TC on 316L!

Podunk Steam

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Image result for Vandy Vape Superfine MTL Fused Clapton wire

Vandy Vape Superfine 316L MTL wire.

I've been vaping TC since the launch of the DNA 40 and this wire is about the best I've found for TC bar none. I'm no affiliate of Vandy Vape, I'm not even in the vape business anymore, I'm just sharing what I have found as it works and works very well. 

As a basic explanation, tension wrap your coils by anchoring one end of the wire and wrap towards the anchor point maintaining tension on the wraps, space the coils to just about the width of the wire, too close and you'll just get a bunch of popping andspitting. that's all you need to know.

This coil spacing pictured would be just a hair too close although it vapes very well and works well with 316L TC it just pops and spits a bit much for some. 


Keeping the ohms resistance up lowers the amperage and utilizes more voltage making for a more efficient circuit demanding less from your batteries which is a safer vape.


Enjoy! ;0)

Edit; Pics didn't work so well, I give!



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