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Purpose of "Current Profile"


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What is the purpose of "Current Profile" in EScribe for the DNA75 Color?  I don't recall seeing it for other DNA devices.  Is it necessary, and if so, what is it's purpose?  With my other DNA devices, it doesn't ask for a current profile and I just change the settings for each of the profiles, regardless of the profile the mod is currently in.  It seems to be redundant, and I don't know if I should change it, or simply ignore it and adjust all profiles regardless of what profile my mod is currently in.  Thank you!


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Current Profile  is just showing what profile is being  currently used on the device. An Example:  In EScribe you have profile 1 showing which means that is the profile being used on the device is Profile 1.... Change the current profile to 2 and upload and the device is now it is using Profile 2... 

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