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hcigar vt dna 200 shorted issue


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im just wondering how to fix this.when i plug in escribe he can recognize it but when i press it says shorted.by the way i remove the battery because my battery has some issue( not charging).

i tried to jumper the atomiser direct to the board in case the 510 pin is bad but same result. shorted.i check some solder if contact with other but seems fine.dont know what to do.give me some advice i already broke 1 dna 200. please help me.

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1 hour ago, retird said:

Shorted means the atomizer or wiring are short circuited.  The device will not operate without a charged battery installed.  If the battery will not charge it may be a bad battery or an issue, such as a short or a wiring issue, preventing charging.  

my battery volts way too low, around 1.67v. this is new battery i just charge once. i need to buy new battery and charger maybe i can revive my battery. 

i will update when i got new batts.

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