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New Mirage doesn't like 316L

Podunk Steam

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First day new Mirage :DD

So far I've loaded Daniels theme ( DJLsb)

Updated 316L to 0.00092 TCR

Changed unlock number of clicks and sequence

Single coiled my Ammit 25 with a 316L flat clapton 0.3x0.8x32

Locked resistance at  0.27 ohms

And once the mod takes a nap and I have to wake it with the unlock sequence the TC is whacked.  It hits Temp protect before it even heats the coil enough to make vapor.


Would this be the issue I've heard of with combination wire 316L coils and the DNA 75C?  Trace issues across the different sized wires in the clapton coils?

Any fix applicable? 

I have tried searching this topic with no luck so I'm posting. 

Edit: If I change to Wattage, fire the coil, change back to TC the TC works again. 


Think I found the issue, tightened the coils connection again and resistance dropped to .23, back to Escribe with me.

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