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User tutorial for Escribe Mac?


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A new DNA user.  Have a Rebel 167W (250 DNA) 20700/21700.  Using a mac laptop.  There don't seem to be any tutorials for the Mac version of Escribe.  I haven't got a clue what I'm supposed to do with this expensive mod.  I think I'm supposed to load a profile or something but I couldn't find one for my specific mod.  Mod tells me my ohms are too high.  I don't want to do anything fancy.  I just bought this mod because it is supposed to be safer to use than other mods.

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Mac/Windows user here. There is no interactive tutorial for any platform for escribe v2. Your best bet would be to watch a more current tutorial on youtube from djlsbvapes or pbusardo. V1 and V2 are pretty much identical for your non colour mod. It works fine, out of the box as is. Your mod already came with a profile on it from Rebel. After watching a video or 2, you can interrogate what they setup, then change to your liking. There are 8 individualized profiles you can fine tune to your liking.

Welcome :hand_splayed:

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