busted screen. need replacement with longer ribbon cable

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Hi guys

I can't have two working dna mods. It's just not possible. When I fix one, I manage to bust the other for whatever reason. I'm cursed :(

So yesterday I got my fixed dna 40 back (Thank you so much Brandon & John) and I spent half the night soldering everything together to rebuild my "matchbox". I used a polymer glue to fix the screen and it worked fantastic. After finishing that nightmare, I thought "Hey, this holds the screen so well, I should do my DNA 200!"

Yeah... I should have known not to work on a perfectly good mod... I have a 3d printed beta box and as you probably know, you can't lift the board over 30 degrees or you risk the screen coming off the onboard connector. I was very careful and glued the screen in place (what a challenge). After curing, I closed the mod but I made a mistake and swapped the plus and minus buttons... arg. Opened the mod again, swapped the buttons and noticed the ribbon cable was being pinched between the fire button... I carefully tried to bend the ribbon cable the other way when suddenly... click and the screen became detached... I could have screamed but it was 4 am... I tried for an hour to wiggle the connector back in place but at 30 degrees angle and the screen glued it, it was impossible.

I ended ripping the screen out when I noticed the ribbon cable had a sharp bend in it. moving it around i could make it light up but it's shot. :(

Now i'm going on a trip with a screenless mod but hey, at least it's still working... sort of...

I want to order another screen but with that ribbon cable I'm pretty sure I'll run into trouble again.

I heard that Evolv had screens with longer cables? Is this true? Can I order a couple of those? How long are they? I just need one long enough to allow to have the board at 90 degrees without disconnecting.

Thank you very much

Kind Regards

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Tell me about it... :( Why did I have to open it again? Just should have stayed put. Anybody knows if Evolv does indeed sell screens with longer cables?

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