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  1. Tell me about it... Why did I have to open it again? Just should have stayed put. Anybody knows if Evolv does indeed sell screens with longer cables?
  2. Hi guysI can't have two working dna mods. It's just not possible. When I fix one, I manage to bust the other for whatever reason. I'm cursed So yesterday I got my fixed dna 40 back (Thank you so much Brandon & John) and I spent half the night soldering everything together to rebuild my "matchbox". I used a polymer glue to fix the screen and it worked fantastic. After finishing that nightmare, I thought "Hey, this holds the screen so well, I should do my DNA 200!"Yeah... I should have known not to work on a perfectly good mod... I have a 3d printed beta box and as you probably know, you can't lift the board over 30 degrees or you risk the screen coming off the onboard connector. I was very careful and glued the screen in place (what a challenge). After curing, I closed the mod but I made a mistake and swapped the plus and minus buttons... arg. Opened the mod again, swapped the buttons and noticed the ribbon cable was being pinched between the fire button... I carefully tried to bend the ribbon cable the other way when suddenly... click and the screen became detached... I could have screamed but it was 4 am... I tried for an hour to wiggle the connector back in place but at 30 degrees angle and the screen glued it, it was impossible.I ended ripping the screen out when I noticed the ribbon cable had a sharp bend in it. moving it around i could make it light up but it's shot. Now i'm going on a trip with a screenless mod but hey, at least it's still working... sort of...I want to order another screen but with that ribbon cable I'm pretty sure I'll run into trouble again.I heard that Evolv had screens with longer cables? Is this true? Can I order a couple of those? How long are they? I just need one long enough to allow to have the board at 90 degrees without disconnecting.Thank you very muchKind RegardsTony
  3. tchavei

    Displayed Fields

    HAHThat was it !!!Thank you. I set charging brightness to 30% and it is showing the right side fields. Great.I hope the oled screen won't wear out prematurely because of this though... It's going to be lit up the whole night this way.cheersTony
  4. tchavei

    Displayed Fields

    Thanks for the quick reply.When I plug in my board, after a short time, the screen will turn off... If I click on it, I see the left field displays. Never the charging fields? What do you do to see the charging fields?ThxTony
  5. tchavei

    Displayed Fields

    Hi allI tried a few searches here but came up empty. I'm not sure if this is a bug or maybe I'm thinking wrong about this.In Escribe, under the screen tab, you have 3 fields you can change the display information and another 3 "charging fields". The problem I see is that the charging fields aren't working. The middle field for example shows "USB current" and I'm assuming that it will show the the USB current while the board is connected to a charger right? Well that isn't happening. I always only see the left side chosen fields. Never the right side ones?Maybe this is a future feature, I don't know. If this has been discussed previously, I apologize.Thumbs up for the DNA 200 RegardsTony
  6. tchavei

    Changelog avaliability

    Hi alli've noticed that, on each firmware release, you guys kindly provide a changelog of what is different for each version but I seem unable to find a changelog for the escribe software. Is there one at all or does each firmware update also imply a new escribe version and the changelog includes updates for both codes?ThxTony