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Board bricked by Battery Analyzer?


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after succesfully building annother Mod with a DNA 200 i tried to run the battery analyzer because i hoped to get better settings for my battery than from what's printed on the lipo.
I built a HUGE coil , put the whole thing in front of a fan and let it fire with 60w by the battery analyzer.
After draining roundabout half of the battery (it was after ca. 30 mins), Escribe suddenly hung and didn't do anything anymore.
I restarted the software, but it couldn't connect to the mod.
I tried all sort of things (updating the firmware just resulted in annother "not connected" message), but EScribe didn't recognize the mod anymore (other DNA200 chips work).
The screen stays dark, whatever i do.
The board gets really hot when i connect either USB or the Lipo, but nothing else happens.
There were no problems at all while vaping normally before.
Firmware used: Version from "2015-08-07 EScribe"

What happened to the board, is there a way to revive it?

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Already tried that.
Nothing happens, only a great amount of heat developed from the marked chip (the chips where the coating partly melted away get hot too, but this chip seems to be the hottest):Hot-Chip.jpg 
The Pc doesn't even recognise a new device beeing connected.

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Well, the design of the function is well thought through i believe.
It didn't fire the chip countinously, but fired for a certain time (not sure how long it was) with the configured 60w, waited until the voltage of the battery got steady again, fired again and so on, plenty of time to cool down i'd think.

I think that i might have the same problem that these other threads are about (Chip suddenly dead while vaping, getting really hot when connecting USB...)


Sadly in some cases a FW-Update seemed to work, in mine it didn't >:(



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I got the impression it was fairly continuous or at least a lot heavier then typical vaping use (i.e. 1/2 the battery in 30 mins)...Im thinking the on board battery data is as a course of typical use, not really designed to work as continuous (more less) drain analyzer..perhaps something like west mountain radio's computerized battery analyzer (or similar) might work better if you need to test batteries quickly

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The board should be totally fine doing Battery Analyzer.
IIRC we did the stock curves using a LiPo at 50W, using resistor blocks and no fan.

The Board Temperature sensor will protect well before the board should have any problems, and even at high powers it takes a while to get that hot. I admit I've not tested with a fan present, but I can't see that making a difference unless the Board Temperature sensor was being cooled by the fan better than the rest of the board...  What power were you doing the test at?

Send Help Desk a ticket for a replacement, and have them send the board to us to take a look at. We'll see what we can see.



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