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Escribe Account and Login

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I have registered and logged in but my question is what exactly does that do for me?  I cannot see any effect on escribe at all once I login honestly. I went to my account and it took me to a web page, were I could put in my name and a website, also it has a serial number checker which I used, it told me how many times it was checked and when the board was made (also shows this in escribe iirc)  Also does registering and logging in help you guys in some way by providing information to you such as registering a boards s/n to a person?  

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Most of the benefit of logging in is for manufacturers.

Production Utility (in Tools) requires being logged in. Production Utility does link the serial number to a manufacturer, so that when you click Get Information, it will say the name they entered for their account as who it was produced by.

On request, we can also mark an account's manufacturer profile as 'confirmed'. Doing this makes it say "Confirmed" in Get Information, which serves as a bit of a 'genuine check' for the mod, instead of just for the board.

I'd add some user benefits to logging in if I could think of any to offer. :)

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