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Display stuck. Buttons unresponsive.


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trinityvapor said:

The buttons are unresponsive. Trying to unlock and display says "check atomizer". Place atty on device and it does not fire.

Can you fire it with EScribe?
Be careful though - if the issue is the same as mine it will auto fire after you upload settings to it - I would make sure you can take the atty off quickly (and probably best not to have it on as you upload/restart the device)

Here are my findings

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I've got a support case open with Evolv, I need to solder a battery back in (wasn't keen to leave one hooked up with device doing odd things) and get back to them with the output of Device monitor as it auto fires. Hoping to get time tonight.

Shame yours won't charge (mine appeared to be the same)
Did it also stay on like mine (ie wouldn't go to sleep) or change 

Fingers crossed it's a software fix :)

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