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Okay so idk what this might fall under so it's going under general. So 5 this morning before I left for work I almost threw my hcigar dna200 across my room. I'm at my wits end. Ecerything I tru ends up failing. I finally had a friend who's actually on here send me a custom curve I loaded it for some 28 nickel core nichrome outer claptons duals at .04. First night it worked AMAZINGLY at 400 deg and low watts it preformed perfectly just like I wanted. Not even 24 hours later the performance is gone and I've done nothing to change it. I'm so lost I try adjusting ecerything locking the ohms tightening the leads but nothing works. I took a hit this morning and it was the most unsatisfying hit. I'm starting to get very fed up with this thing but I keep going crazy trying cause I've seen what it can do when it works well.

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I wouldn't lock the ohms myself especially if it is not vaping as you want.  Either the cold ohms have changed, the coil resistance has changed or there is a connection problem.  I would connect it to Escribe and watch atty analyser while it is sitting idle both cool and warm to check the raw ohms are not going up and down, if they are stable are the cold ohms what you would expect, it is worth checking that tightening has not cut through the wire and that the loops are not shorting between each other, you could space them to make sure.

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