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Sharing of TC profiles?


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I am still getting up to speed with all the amazing options that come with the DNA 200. Like a lot of the other folks in the vape world I started with gen1 Kanger on a stick battery, mech, AVP, VW VV box, TC, and now the DNA200. I have a museum here. So where I am having issues is with building a Ti profile. I went to steam engine but I must be missing something. My settings come out too low when I upload them. I get a line that is almost straight across the screen after selecting Ti wire. Would it be possible to start a repository online where we could download other people's csv files? Sorry if this is an inapproprate question. I am not being lazy, just really struggling with TI and miss having that option for building. Kanthal is working insane great, I don't build with NI due to the difficulty and softness. Ti has been my fav with my IPV4 and VTC Evic. Any help would be much welcomed. Sorry to make my first post "hey, can ya help me". 

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I would like a .csv file for a sense cyclone stainless build.
When I try to put what I think it is by the measured ohms it barely fires.
I am also having a hard time finding the specs on the s.s. coil head to punch into steam engine.
Even if someone can help nudge me into some settings to look for or other help for me to make my own i will post .csv file.
btw. here is a logo
file name marked as other size but it is correct & works.

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Thank you for taking the time to respond.
I'm still getting the same issue.
I don't get any vape (or voltage) till i take into the 500 degrees area.
It seems to work well on nickle setting but i don't thing it is actually temp protecting it.
I am off work tomorrow & will have time to experiment better. especially if i burn my coil.

i will make a new thread tomorrow with my results. My apologies if I nudged thread into a self serving question everyone.

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No because it knows when the cotton is dry.... The preheat works by heating your coil to the preheat temp then throttles back right before it gets there..... its so the coil basically gets to the temp u want it at instantly without having to wait on it to heat up

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Maybe wicking issues.
I have the TFV4 with dual deck.
Using twisted 26 gauge T1 , 2mm inner , 5 wraps comes out @ .1 Ohms.
Settings as follows.
400f , 50 w , 120w preheat , 9.1 preheat punch for 2 seconds.
Airflow is 2/3 open & i usually take a 3 to 4 second hit.
If i take a real hard hit it does not reach Temperature Protection(2 mm allows good airflow around coil),
a more lazy hit & it does.
As long as i wait to see the air bubble rise after each hit no scratchy/dry hits & the bubble rises normally before i have done a lazy exhale.
YMMV depends on your juice , how hard & often you vape.

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