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Adjustment Button Issue


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Whenever I complete the circuit for the down button my board shuts off.  


Everything appears fine within escribe.  It's a dual 18650 setup.  I got to the point where I took apart the tactile button (external buttons) and now I have just the two wires from the board.  When I touch the two wires, the board shuts off.

I have been using this device the past couple days, and everything about it works great.  Only when I want to change settings, I have to connect to escribe.

Something else, if it's worth mentioning, I can swap the up and down buttons, and then use the "good working button" for up or down, that doesn't make a difference.

Oh, also when I press the on board tactile down button, the board also shuts off.

Have to pull the battery to get the board to turn back on.  If I plug into usb, after the board shuts off this way, device monitor looks like it is working, but I still have no display on the board.  Band gap is 1.07 volts.

Then I take a battery out, put it back in, and all is well again.  It's like the board would have no problems if I never needed to press down.

Any ideas?

Thank you.

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I can easily swap the board (maybe I'll swap some chips later when I get Cool Ranch and Nacho Cheese Doritos), just thought Evolv might say something like "OH! That's because this and this must be shorted, clean your solder up and see if it fixes it!"  But that was only me wishing.

Thank you.

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