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DNA 200 or DNA 40 Large Screens NEEDED

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I have a few, when I heard about the issues with the factory I bought out the last stock from a vendor in the UK and paid pretty good money for them, but I also have like 20 dna200 chips coming to me soon so I def want to keep spares. I might be willing to let one or 2 go. let me know what you have in mind

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turbocad6 said:

you're welcome Walt

I've helped a few guys out with these now BUT I just want to add here that I have NO MORE screens to spare. not for $10 each, or $20 each or even $30 each, please DON'T PM me asking to BUY any screens, I have NONE available at ANY price period, thanks :) 

But, but, but, but.......... :P
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