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  1. Haha yeah I was overthinking it. For some reason I was thinking the connection would need to handle a lot of heat. But as long as the connection is good then there shouldn't be a concern for excessive heat. So I just used a cheap dripper
  2. Big thanks to a friend for sourcing the very adequate heat sink!!! Been kicking around a few ideas for the 510 connection. But please show me your solutions for some possible inspiration
  3. Yes as stated the latest version of EScribe gives you the option to change this.
  4. What do you have the charging brightness set at in EScribe?
  5. First question is what is the reason you want to control the fire switch with a mosfet?
  6. How I recall it being explained to me is: Short Version: Temperature = Flavor Wattage = Vapor Longer Version: You wan't to set your temp to where your juice vaporizes to your liking. Juice will vaporize at a specific temperature based on its makeup, once it hits that temp adjusting the temp higher can change the taste of the juice and etc. up until the temp the juice turns nasty and harmful. VG and PG vaporize at different temps so there is not really one temp that works for every juice or even a temp that everyone prefers with the same juice. Personal preferences are always different as are builds and etc. Then wattage can be used to adjust the amount of vapor that is produced. Higher wattage = more vapor....lower = less. However it has been my experience that it is difficult to build a setup to efficiently achieve this. There are many variables in a setup that can effect all of this and right now I think the TC tech is further ahead of atomizer tech which can not properly take advantage. So right now we basically find a build to suit our liking and adjust both temp and wattage to maximize the build/setup based on our preferences. Slight adjustments can be made with temp and wattage to fine tune, however larger changes are made by changing the build/setup.
  7. Submit a ticket to Evolv and they can tell you your options. http://helpdesk.evolvapor.com/index.php?a=add
  8. I believe they will be available sometime in the future.
  9. Yes the 510 parts are in the 3D files
  10. 3 things of the Evolv 510 stand out to me: - Spring Force (this is the main one, much higher spring force than any 510 I have seen) - Copper Center Pin (I believe they might be having these coated now for even better performance) - Ultem 1000 Insulator Material (will stand up to the high heat produced by high wattage vaping) I believe Evolv plans to make their 510's available at some point in the future. Just like case design, Evolv has made the design, specs, materials available and free for anyone to use. /topic/68495-topic/?do=findComment&comment=915975
  11. If this in reference to my post...I don't believe I said there was 4 different sizes, or didn't mean to anyway. Only that the very early one is slightly shorter. To my knowledge there is only one size.
  12. I would suggest hitting up Evolv for possible RMA.
  13. Bapgood

    Dead Unit

    The warranty service message typically means the mod needs to go back to the manufacturer. Especially if it died completely. Will EScribe still recognize it?
  14. Are there even still atty's that use bottom air and need the air channels....lol I'm sure there is, but nothing that I have
  15. I think its funny when people say they don't like the look of the Evolv 510. Once you put an atty on it, it basically disappears....lol. Plus the Evolv 510 is by far the best 510 I have seen. Especially for TC where a solid connection is so important.
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