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Feature Request, eScribe Option Setting for Fahrenheit or Celcius

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Hi Guys,

Any chance of providing a setting in eScribe for overall display of units in Celcius or Fahrenheit?

It's especially annoying for people like me who live outside the US when temperature displays in Device monitor for example default to Â°F when we are used to working in Â°C. I know the traces are displayed in the units selected on the device but in the left-hand panel the temperatures are still displayed in °F. It would also solve the annoying issue of having to select Â°C from the drop down list in Profiles whenever you want to manually input a new temperature setting.


Many thanks for all your great work so far, really enjoying the board, features and companion software. :thumb:

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lewisss said:

You want to try living in the uk! We use Fahrenheit in the summer! " ooh what a scorcher heatwave hits 105 degrees" And Celsius in the winter "Black ice warning for motorists as temperatures expected to be -6 degrees"

I'm from London, now living in Buckinghamshire lol.

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