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Temperature mode 3554C !


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I just received a new dna200 from warranty and he is working fine, most of the time.
I just got a very strange bug sometimes ..

When i push the button the dna give the boost power and never stop, when that happen i can see on the screen 3554C .. My boost is configured for 1sec only so i really dont understand why he dont stop after that time.

To stop it doing that i have to lower the temperature setting.

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Hi James :)
I'm using the latest firmware available : 2015-09-30 with the software 1.0.34.
Next time the problem happen i will try to capture those information !

Yesterday, thinking that the problem was the connectivity between the dna and the 510 i resoldered the wire .. so maybe the problem was from here because for now that's working fine.

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I got the same reading yesterday, but I was running a little experiment (and it mostly worked!) I wanted to fool the board into thinking the coil never reached the set temperature, so I could get the preheat function with Kanthal. So I used an exaggerated curve, locked the resistance, and set the temp to 600°, and yes, it fired a Kanthal atty at my preheat wattage for the specified time, then dropped back to the set wattage... The only thing that didn't work (and I didn't care about) was the temperature it was reading...I got the 3554° number. Thinning its some .error. Or "overflow" value.. Which for my experiment I didn't care, as I was t wanting temperature control, just the preheat

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