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LavaBox owners is this battery life typical?


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I vaped my lavabox today at 450 degrees on a starr pro nickel coil (.25) at 40 watts. I went from 100% down to 15% in about 6 hrs.
I have configured the battery settings for 9.99 watt hrs and a 3.09 cell cut off.
I've vaped single 18650 mods and gotten better battery life. I work in a vape shop so I admittedly chain vape.
Is my experience typical or is something wrong with my Lavabox's battery?

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a 2500 mAh 18650 has 9.25 Wh which is slightly less than the Lavabox
a 2700 mAh 18650 has 9,99 Wh  which is the same as the Lavabox
a 3000 mAh 18650 has 11,1 Wh  which is slightly more than the Lavabox
the efficiency of the DNA200 is 97% which is in the top regions for mods, so that's no issue here.

So I think that your experience is typical (if you are using an 18650 of >2700 mAh in the comparison mod).

Edit: I'm not a Lavabox owner, I hope you'll forgive me ;-)

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one thing to remember as well is that your battery life will improve greatly if you are using temperature control. if you are using a non TC build and vaping at 90W all the time you will be using significantly more power than if it was a Ni build which levels out at 30W when the temp as been hit. 

that being said the wismec DNA200 is running 3x18650 and if you dont plan on going anywhere near 200W you can shove in 3x3000mAh batteries for a total of over 30,000Wh. you just have the put up with the bulk and weight. 

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