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RMA'd my hotcig from the UK to US-delivery attempted, I am worried.


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Hi everyone. 

As you may know, I have a brain injury that has affected my thoughts and emotions, and my item was attempted to be delivered to Evolv today.  Due to my injury, I am really panicking now. 

Here is what royal mail has to say:

A delivery was attempted for your item with reference LB221195974GB in UNITED STATES OF AMERICA before 08:57 on 09/11/15.

If the addressee does not collect it or make an arrangement to have it redelivered, it will be returned to the sender in the UK.

What happens now? Will Evolv make arrangements to collect my DNA200, or will it just get returned to me :(

It's all I can think about now, I don't understand PO boxes or how they work, so what is likely to happen?

Will Evolv arrange for the package to be collected? Like it was attempted to be delivered today, but something went wrong. If its not re arranged for delivery or collected, it gets flown back to me, and I lose my postage cost, and still have a broken device. 

I am worrying about nothing though aren't I? I am sure this is normal-Evolv must have a form that says delivery was attempted, and they will get it collected wont they? 

Otherwise I wont have a DNA200, and will be £110 down :(

Please could someone set my mind at rest, I am really worried and panicking about this. It is so close to Evolv, getting repaired and returned, yet this happened. 

Its like murphys law. Everything that could of gone wrong with this has lol. 

Could someone from Evolv or a forum member explain to me what will happen though? 

Thank you all, Conan. 

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Could anybody explain what happens now, I beg of you. It is all I can think of, and I know I wont sleep tonight if I don't know whats happening.

I've even prayed, how silly is that, that it gets to Evolv today or tomorrow. 

Could it simply mean it is in the PO box, and if it is not collected from there it will be sent back to me? Or is it likely royal mail have taken it back with them? I think the former is more likely though, as I understand PO box now stands for POST office box, so its a box in the post office. I don't see how that could go wrong, so it must be that mustn't it?

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Yup, a PO box is a post office box, usually rented by a customer (such as Evolv). Items shipped to the PO box are placed into the box by Post Office employees (USPS) to be picked up by who ever rented the PO box or for delivery to the business.  Here is link using your tracking number:


I looked at your tracking number and here is what it shows:


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@dc601, thank you so much. You do not understand how much this has eased my tension. 

So Evolv do have it, or at least it is in the PO box ready for them :)

My mind is at rest now, do Evolv usually pick up items from their PO box daily? 

As I know once they have it, it will be repaired quickly. 

I can't thank you enough.

EDIT: Looking at that image, it states available for pick up, and then finally delivered. Does this mean Evolv has my DNA200? If so, that is fantastic! 

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Oh this has made my day. I got something great this morning, I got the hotcig battery refunded by paypal today, and Evolv have my device! 

They say it comes in threes. I am so happy, it does seem evolv have it by the way it is worded, I've been told it takes a day or 2 for repair-then it will be sent back to me fast as well. Hoping that next week I have my DNA200 back, none of my other vapes come close. 

I think once you go DNA200, you can't go back :)

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Having been a vaper for over 5 years I have learned one thing for sure.  Always have a spare device in case one craps out.  That is why I have 2 DNA200's (at least 2 - not saying how many I actually have.)  

Been using Evolv products for years and their customer service has always been just like you are seeing.  Not many companies that will repair a device that they didn't even build.

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Hi there, I do have 9 other regulated devices and 3 mechs-so I could vape, it was just the DNA200 was in a different league. I will definitely be getting another from another company as it is a completely different vape. 

The closest I can get it my Sigelei 150TC, but that is still a poor imitation.

It won't just be DNA200 devices either-I will try some of the lower wattage options, as most of my vaping is for flavour, not huge clouds and done under 50W. I am currently vaping a lemo V2 1.2 Ohm coil at around 17.5 watts. 

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