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Word to the Wise.. Don't Use Cheap USB Chargers.


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I work away a lot on business and I have one of those multi-plug adapters for plugging UK devices into foreign sockets, it also has a USB output socket for charging devices such as phones etc.

So I was working over in Germany for a couple of weeks and day 2 I got back to the hotel after a stressfull day and my mod was running low. I could have just swapped out the batteries (it's a 2s 18650 mod) but since I was going straight to bed and tired I thought I'll just plug it into the USB charger from the aforementioned multi-plug adapter.

Next morning I woke up, picked up the mod and unplugged the USB cable for a morning vape. Clicked the button expecting to see a nice full battery bar... instead what I got was the screen light up for a second with what appeared to be lines running across it, then nothing.

So I clicked again, same thing. F*CK I said. So I grabbed two charged batteries I had in my bag, put them in... still nothing but a short "jinky" looking flash of the welcome screen for a second or so.

Plugged into eScribe and checked the pack volts in Device Monitor and it showed...
Pack = 5.26V
Cell 1 = 0.00V
Cell 2 = 5.26V
Cell 3 = 1.23V

Anyway I stripped the mod next day (after I stopped crying) and all the wiring is intact so looks like the, most likely poorly filtered and regulated, USB output from the cheap multi-plug adapter has damaged the board somehow >:( GUTTED!

Just thought I would warn you guys so it doesn't happen to you.

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Unfortunately the board is toast!

Obviously I don't have the schematics for the board but I would guess the crappy adapter has taken out some of the analog balance charging/monitoring circuit.

So I'll be ordering a replacement board when I get back. On the upside, I potentially have another spare screen!

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I allways use an authentic mobile phone charger, they seem to have a lot moor technology to them, had you plugged that into a travel adaptor, chances are you would fry it but not your mod, i have seen one house fire where a charging e cig has flown across a room and landed under a settee and the whole place has gone up.. think yourselfe lucky you can replace a board..

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