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Reference box accuracy lost


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Over the last few weeks my reference box has started drifting in resistance.  A setup I have had in for some time, 8 wrap 24g Ti 3mm ID dual coil which is always a .12 started resetting after cooling, several hundredths in variation higher.  From .15 sometimes as high as .19.  Of course at that point temperature control is way off.  

It started (probably coincidentally) after my first 22g Ti build.  It was confusing at first, I put on the new 22g and found the vape MUCH hotter, up to 150 degrees high by taste, so at first I was convinced it was the thickness making that much difference, but alas after several 22g coils and a constant struggle to find the right temps, I realized the resistance was often resetting after the mod was left for some time, and causing a severe drift in resistance from one instance to another.  I had never had this with my prior coils, but it was confirmed when I put the old setup back on and had the same experience.  They were both Mini Royal Hunters so I started to think it might have been the atomizer, so I tried a third atty, sadly with the same result.  I finally put a 16g copper wire through yet another atomizer and checked with the atomizer analyzer, and with the wire in, I can watch the resistance drift between .022 and .045 variously over the span of a couple minutes.  

I broke into the case but have not removed the 510 yet.  I see there is a C clip to remove and the pin should come out.  I did test the 510 and found it was very very tight and didn't want to budge on first try.  So I figured I'd throw something up on here.  I cannot find anything in search about this drift and at least wanted to check in before I tear out the 510 and clean up the threading between it and the mod.  The solder on the positive pin looks solid so I'm guessing I'm getting a weak ground?

Any suggestions on what to check out along the way?

I also just got a Reuleaux and upon throwing the same 24g setup on it, I had the same result I expected...  .120 ohm and solid expected temp levels so far.


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